We can learn that human relationship is inseparable from friendship and commitment. We can learn that the essence of love is not to use the other to make us happy but to serve and affirm the one we love.
— Robert Johnson

Couples Therapy


The process of couples therapy aims to enhance the emotional connection between partners and foster a closeness that also honors the individuality of each person. Common concerns that frequently bring couples into therapy include:

  • Frequent arguing and/or fights
  • Diminished or an absence of trust
  • Not being heard/seen in the relationship
  • Lack of physical intimacy and/or other sexual concerns
  • Feelings of distance and uncertainty about the relationship
  • Desire for greater depth and closeness with one another

Couples therapy is an opportunity to access, understand, and express the emotions, feelings, patterns, and longings associated with your relationship. While the particular objectives of couples therapy may vary, the process is a commitment to give the relationship, and one another, the space to explore what is working and what is not. It is an agreement to communicate and listen, to be curious of each other's inner experience, and to discover how to best support and nurture one another and your relationship.