Ryan has developed workshops on the therapeutic use of dreamwork and the intersection of yoga and psychotherapy. He has been a part of numerous panels on treating trauma and presented on the integration of yoga and meditation in the practice of therapy to graduate level students.

He is available to present on trauma, yoga, or dreamwork to group therapy practices, mental health centers, and graduate classes. If you are interested in having Ryan present or speak at your organization, please send inquiries through the contact page

Below is a description of two experiential presentations Ryan currently offers for mental health professionals.  

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the clinical applications & Healing potential of dreamWork

Dreams: Are they relevant in our modern age? Can they help in our work with clients? Ever feel lost when a client shares a dream they are curious about? This workshop examines different ways dreams have influenced human experience, how integrating dreams in clinical practice can deepen and energize the therapeutic experience, and what recent research in neuroscience indicates for the future of dream work. You will leave with fresh ideas and specific ways to work with your client’s dreams and what their dreams can offer in relation to diagnostic insight, treatment plan, and prognosis.

"Ryan’s dream workshop included both in depth information along with experiential tools to apply empowering methodologies to working with clients and their dreams. I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and would recommend to all therapists." -Christina Sprayberry, MA, LCSW

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Body as guru

The root of the Sanskrit word guru comes from gu, which translates as darkness, and ru, which translates as remover. Thus the most direct translation for the word guru is "the remover of darkness". In this experiential workshop for therapists, we honor the body as teacher, healer, and ultimately the remover of darkness. 

This is an opportunity for therapists to connect with their embodied experience through yoga, breathing exercises, and meditation. We explore how the body holds the narrative of our lived experience and carries traumatic and painful memories, even long after they’ve occurred.

"Ryan brings both spark and sensitivity to his instruction. His firm grasp on anatomy and alignment and professional knowledge of the psyche provides the foundation for safe exploration of a realm deeper than just the physical asana. Time with Ryan is always an opportunity to experience profound healing." -Lara V., LCSW